Full Size Aluminum Foil Steam Table Pans Medium depth, 232 oz capacity, 50/Case | Full depth, 343 oz capacity, 50/Case



Handi-Foil’s Full Size Foil Steam Table Pans are the perfect solution for serving large quantities of food. With these pans, you can prepare, freeze, cook, serve, store and even reheat food all in the same pan. Additionally, when you’re done with the pan, instead of having to wash it, you can just simply throw it away.

Specifications 4020-70-50 2019-70-50
Depth Medium Full
Capacity 232 oz 343 oz
QTY/Case 50 50
Our Price/Case $20 ($40 Retail) $25 ($50 Retail)

3M 3600 Pink Eraser Burnish Floor Pads 19", 5/Case


3M™ Eraser™ Burnish Pads 3600 | High Speed | 19-inch
Case of 5 Pads.

Removes black marks in fewer passes and retains excellent gloss and image clarity. Excellent durability and minimal finish removal.

This product is a floor maintenance burnishing pad for use on ultra high speed floor machines that operate in the range of 1500-3000 rpm. The pad is made of high quality synthetic fibers in a non-woven web bond with a durable resin system that permeates the entire pad. The pad is nominally one inch thick and available in various sizes.

Intended Use:
The pad is used on cord electric, battery electric or propane powered floor machines for burnishing 3M floor finished. Also designed for use on other finishes resistant to degradation from burnishing.

Equipment Type: Electric, Battery, Propane Burnisher.
Machine Speed: Ultra High Speed, 1,500 RPM and above.

Directions for Use:
Dust mop or sweep floors prior to scrubbing. Pick up scrubbing or cleaning solution with a mop, wet vacuum or automatic scrubber. Rinse floor and let dry prior to recoating or opening to traffic.

Pad Cleaning:
Pads may be hosed out using a pressure spray nozzle to remove soil. Pads may be soaked in detergent or diluted stripping solution to dissolve caked on soil or finish prior to hosing out.


Our Price $15/Case (Wholesale Typically $50/Case)

Glit 14417 White Super Polishing Floor Pads 17", 5/Case


Acrylic or carnauba waxed floors will dull over time from regular use. After recoating, polishing is a necessity. A quick spin with this floor polishing pad gives your floors back that clean, glossy sheen. Used with a rotary floor machine that rotates the floor pad at a slow speed, dry or with a fine water mist, the 17” white polishing floor pad ensures your floors will keep that glossy, “wet look” after recoating. Open web construction enables easier dirt pick-up and ensures faster floor pad cleaning from the Glit floor pad.

17″ Super Polishing Floor Pad
White Color
Gives Your Floors a Clean Glossy Sheen
5 Pads / Case
Mfr SKU: 14417

Our Price $10/Case (Wholesale typically $20/Case)

Glit 20206 Blue Scrubbing Cleaner Pad 17", 5/Case

The Glit 20206 TK scrubbing floor pad is made from a blue polyester resin blend containing aluminum oxide grit, has a 17″ diameter, is suitable for use on a floor machine with 175 to 350 revolutions per minute (rpm), and comes in a case of five floor pads. For heavy duty scrubbing prior to recoating. Can also be used for heavy duty spray cleaning or foam scrubbing. Removes dirt, spills, and scuffs, leaving a clean surface ready for recoating.

This product is a floor maintenance scrubbing pad made of nylon and polyester fibers in an open textured non-woven construction. Abrasive particles are dispersed throughout and bonded to the non-woven construction with a durable adhesive.

Our Price $12/Case (Wholesale typically $30/Case)

3M 5100 Floor Buffing Pad 16", Red, 5/Case, $10

Remove light soil and scuff marks to polish your floors with this 3M 5100 16″ red buffing pad! This pad is specially designed for spray buffing, and thanks to its versatility and non-woven construction, makes cleaning when damp and buffing when dry a breeze! This pad is compatible with rotary or automatic machines operating at low speeds of 175 – 600 RPM and is recommended for use on your linoleum, VCT, or vinyl surfaces. Plus, the red color makes it easy to distinguish this pad from others in your floor care system.

3M floor pads are made to exacting standards and are backed by ongoing innovation and advancements in technology that make them among the most effective pads in the industry! This pad is made of nylon and polyester fibers and has abrasive particles bonded throughout the entire non-woven construction, instead of just the surface like some competitive pads. Its reliable, uniform construction guarantees less machine wobble and vibration, less operator fatigue, and better overall results. Plus, this pad is washable, reusable, and reversible for incredible longevity! And for added versatility, this pad has a perforation in the middle so that it can be used with or without the center hole.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 16″
Hole Diameter: 3 3/8″
Thickness: 1″

Our Price $10/Case (Wholesale typically $22/Case)