3M 3600 Pink Eraser Burnish Floor Pads 19", 5/Case


3Mâ„¢ Eraserâ„¢ Burnish Pads 3600 | High Speed | 19-inch
Case of 5 Pads.

Removes black marks in fewer passes and retains excellent gloss and image clarity. Excellent durability and minimal finish removal.

This product is a floor maintenance burnishing pad for use on ultra high speed floor machines that operate in the range of 1500-3000 rpm. The pad is made of high quality synthetic fibers in a non-woven web bond with a durable resin system that permeates the entire pad. The pad is nominally one inch thick and available in various sizes.

Intended Use:
The pad is used on cord electric, battery electric or propane powered floor machines for burnishing 3M floor finished. Also designed for use on other finishes resistant to degradation from burnishing.

Equipment Type: Electric, Battery, Propane Burnisher.
Machine Speed: Ultra High Speed, 1,500 RPM and above.

Directions for Use:
Dust mop or sweep floors prior to scrubbing. Pick up scrubbing or cleaning solution with a mop, wet vacuum or automatic scrubber. Rinse floor and let dry prior to recoating or opening to traffic.

Pad Cleaning:
Pads may be hosed out using a pressure spray nozzle to remove soil. Pads may be soaked in detergent or diluted stripping solution to dissolve caked on soil or finish prior to hosing out.


Our Price $15/Case (Wholesale Typically $50/Case)

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