Glit 14417 White Super Polishing Floor Pads 17", 5/Case


Acrylic or carnauba waxed floors will dull over time from regular use. After recoating, polishing is a necessity. A quick spin with this floor polishing pad gives your floors back that clean, glossy sheen. Used with a rotary floor machine that rotates the floor pad at a slow speed, dry or with a fine water mist, the 17” white polishing floor pad ensures your floors will keep that glossy, “wet look” after recoating. Open web construction enables easier dirt pick-up and ensures faster floor pad cleaning from the Glit floor pad.

17″ Super Polishing Floor Pad
White Color
Gives Your Floors a Clean Glossy Sheen
5 Pads / Case
Mfr SKU: 14417

Our Price $10/Case (Wholesale typically $20/Case)

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